We have partnered up with many other companies so we can provide you the best solutions to your help you achieve your goal. Our partners include Realtors, Real Estate Brokerages, Title Companies, Leander’s, Contractors and even other cash buyers. So, whatever your solution is we can help you find it.

What we do

We can tell you about your options. Some of these options may help you stay in your home or if selling is a part of your plans, we can help you get the most for it as possible. We have years of experience that can help you. Sometimes you just need out, other times you need to cash out for as much as possible, sometimes it’s not about the money at all but something else that would help ease your pain.

We really are local and different

We’re different! We’re NOT real estate agents… We want to buy your house. That’s what is meant when we say that we buy houses. We are a legitimate house buying company. We have also partnered up to provide solutions if selling to an investment company is not your best solution. We are that one-stop home selling center to give you true options. Even if that is not us.

Home in good shape?

We are your all in one home selling solution specialist, We have partnered up with many other companies so we can provide you the best solutions to your help you achieve your goal. Even if that’s not us

Who we help

Are you experiencing one of these?

Inherited a house that you have no use for?
Too many repairs needed and don’t have the desire to fix it?
Behind on payments and facing foreclosure?
Want to invest in a business or another house and need the cash?
House too big and you want to downsize?
Recently divorced and need a way out of the house?
Trying to relocate and need to sell your house?

We can find a solution for you.


“Shane is a trustworthy person. He listens to your needs and gives you a fair price for your property.”

Green Family

After my wife passed away, I didn’t know what needed to happen. I just knew that it was too much house for just me. Shane came out, Looked over the property and told me my best option was to list the house with one of the licensed agents he knew. He actually cared to find the right solution for my needs. I will never forget you.

Robinson Family

We had a chance to relocate for work. It was a great opportunity for our family however we had to move fast. We could not afford two house payments as we waited for one to sell after buying the one when we moved. Soarin Property Solutions was able to provide us with a solution that allowed us to move and not have the added stress of a second property.






At Soarin Property Solution, we are in business to take care of unique situations home sellers face. We work hard providing exceptional services for our clients, even if it is not with us.

Who else has your best interest at heart?